The Shiksha ki Ore is a campaign organized by NDTV in partnership with the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences. Given the situation at hand where the tribal population in India touches a whopping 10.2 crore, with a bare minimum of literacy rate being below 30%, the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences has emerged as an oasis in the desert. Over the last few years they have succeeded in providing a holistic education to over 25000 tribal children yearly, free of cost.

These Children mostly belong to areas devoid of leave alone the modern amenities but even basic living essentials.  They also work with children and families who live in the infamous “Red Corridor”.  With a life ravaged by the Naxal terrorists, education for these families is a far-fetched luxury.  In the face of this agonizing terror the only beacon of hope for education here is the help provided by the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences.

In Pics: Education for a Better Future

On this note, our aim through this campaign is to bring to the forefront the urgent need to help provide education to this section of people. To ensure the continuation of this effort, there is a need of appropriate funds for which we would like to organize a charity event.

This event will have a three-fold agenda:

1. To highlight the work carried out by Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences and simultaneously drawing attention to how this campaign aims to raise awareness through it.

2. To award and honour some special children who have benefited from the education provided to them by Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences.

3. To bring together luminaries from different fields to raise funds for this cause.

All the funds raised from this event will be given directly to the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, which will in turn aid them in their noble efforts to not only continue this process by also improve the quality of education provided at their institutes.