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Quiz: Do You Adhere to Safe Road Practices?

India's chaotic roads are an extremely dangerous place to drive in, and you'd rather be safe than sorry. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about safe practices.
Quiz: Do You Adhere to Safe Road Practices?

Here’s a road safety quiz that is more than a fun pastime. It’s meant as a tool to help you adopt safer road practices and improve India’s roads.


  1. Biswajit

    thanks for educating as most of the above scenario are rare in my city, no practical knowledge

  2. Bala

    Fun to try

  3. Paulose

    Would like to get road safety clues and information for safe driving

  4. satya

    very useful one and request to include more questions related or information about safe driving.

  5. Sudha

    Would like to take the test


    Hello Friends, My suggestion is respect human Life on road. Start early to reach safe and sound. Park your vehicle in Parking Zone only, this saves time and maintenance of your vehicle.

    Respect Cycle users, as it runs on renewable fuel, human effort. All road users have paid road taxes whether one is driving a Maruti-800 or Mercedes-Benz, learn to respect all. Never Jump red light, even if the Traffic Police Personnel are not manning the crossing.

    Remember someone is waiting for you at home. Arrive Safe, drive safe and enjoy Human Life which has been bestowed on you by Almighty. Your car can be repaired with spare parts, but not your BODY. Thanks. Happy Motoring, stop Blaming Roads, because at the time of Elections in Democracy we choose our leaders who in turn maintain roads.


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