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This New Year, Don’t Drink And Drive, Urge Shah Rukh Khan And Akshay Kumar

Bollywood khiladi Akshay Kumar and Badshah, Shah Rukh Khan urged their fans to not drink and drive around New Year's Eve.

Agencies | December 29, 2016 2:00 PM | News

This New Year, Don’t Drink And Drive, Urge Shah Rukh Khan And Akshay Kumar

Party hard but be safe, seems to be the message ahead of New Year celebrations from Bollywood superstars, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar. King Khan, who will be featured as a bootlegger in his forthcoming movie Raees, posted a short video on December 27 to spread the don’t drink and drive message. The 20-second-long video features Shah Rukh Khan saying: “Live up the party mood. Dance with your beloved, but don’t drink and drive.”

He went on to tweet: “This NYE (New Year’s Eve), be smart not stupid. Don’t drink and drive. Love u all. Raees ki suno.”

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Akshay Kumar also posted a 17-second-long motion poster on Twitter, where he said, “Everyone knows about long arms of the law, yet people take it lightly. Please don’t make the same mistake this year. Party hard but don’t drink and drive. Otherwise, you know about the long arms of the law.” The audio message is probably in line with the character of a lawyer that Akshay Kumar portrays in his upcoming film, Jolly LLB2.

The messages from these two actors are pertinent given the grim numbers and India’s track record in terms of road accidents. India accounts for one-fifth of the global deaths that are caused by road accidents. The mishaps on the road lead to hospitalisation of over 20 million people each year in India. Out of all the causes of road accidents, drink driving is one of the leading causes of fatalities. According to a study conducted by Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC), around 40% of the road accidents in India happen under the influence of alcohol.

This New Year, resolve to #NeverDrinkAndDrive. To take the pledge click here.

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