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Godrej Green Champion Has an Element of Reality of Real India: Vimlendhu Jha

Written by on July 21, 2015 in Blogs


Green Champion Judge: Vimlendhu Jha

I had the opportunity to be the judge of this esteemed show Godrej Green Champion, which is an epic journey of 15 challengers who believe that they can be the change in India. The entire journey turned out to be an experience and learning of a lifetime. It felt like a rapid revision of India’s ecology, its ecological problems and how there are
several stories of change in various parts of the country. Also, what kept me excited all through was the shooting of the show, meeting giants of the green movement from across the country and above all the resolve that the Green Champion Challengers had.

Despite being a TV show, Godrej Green Champion has an element of reality of real India, in terms of challenges like – air pollution, water pollution, falling groundwater tables, poor management of waste, loss of bio-diversity and resilience in ecosystems, environmental degradation, and India’s population growth which further adds pressure
to environmental issues and its resources. (Read more: How Green Champion is Showcasing Opportunities That Can Drive a Greener India)

We live in a problematic world, where each moment we are confronted with issues and challenges. Yes, it is extremely important to witness these challenges and feel moved or disturbed by them rather than feel apathetic about them, but equally important is to take a step forward and explore solution to these challenges. The solutions need not to be large scale and grand – these can be small and local in nature. Chances are, these localised solutions will be more sustainable.

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Having worked with young people for a decade and half, to fight against environmental issues, I believe NDTV-Godrej Green Champion is a testament of hope. The show’s narrative empowers each and every citizen and especially the youth of our nation to stand up and notice the environmental problems and be the solution.  (Read more: Novel idea behind the show).

It has been a personal journey and hope it gets personal with all the viewers.

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