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Ask Our Experts: How to Go Green

 green champion sreepathi

Want to go green and adopt environment-friendly practices? Here’s your chance to find out how. Ask your questions, doubts and concerns about incorporating sustainable lifestyle and what it entails, in the form below. The country’s leading environmental experts will be happy to help you out.


About Our Expert

L.K. Sreepathi is a professor in mechanical engineering at the Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering in Shimoga, Karnataka. He has built his own house in Shimoga, where almost 56 per cent of the annual energy requirements of are met by renewable energy sources. The house has no municipal water connection, and it depends solely on rainwater harvesting for its water needs. The major part of its power requirements are met by solar energy. The house has a solar lighting system, while power from the grid is used to operate the television set, fans, the refrigerator and the water pump. Cooking, which constitutes a major fraction of domestic energy consumption, is taken care of by using devices such as solar box type cooker and parabolic cookers. The house also has a biogas unit and solar water heater. (Read more: A novel idea behind the show – Green Champion)

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