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Paras Tomar

Websters dictionary describes Paras Tomar as errr… ok, Websters doesn’t necessarily have that entry in yet, but if they did it would have a lot to do with effervescence, magnetism, hunky good looks, killer sense of humor and a little side note about depreciating levels of modesty.
Paras Tomar is a television host, a YouTube partner, a Radio locker, but amongst those many other things he is also a manic fitness enthusiast and a fun loving guy. When he is not shooting with celebrities or traveling to fancy places on assignment, he is quietly sitting at home with bowl of chocolate ice cream and watching fitness videos.
Amongst his many professional achievements, which range from shooting with some of the biggest names of Hollywood and Bollywood, (yes, he has danced with Will smith and wooed Pamela Anderson in the past!), he is usually pretty busy keeping his head about looking for an exciting new project.
Travel, youth, Bollywood are all a series of middle names for Tomar and he is quite excited when anyone says “here’s your ticket, we need you to travel for a show, and the hotel has a gym!”
Sure, we could sing about his numerous professional milestones, but then what we do with his Wikipedia page?
Paras Tomar, in two words is OMG EPIC, and is going to be your host this season on Godrej Green Champion!



Sonika Chauhan

 Friendly and vivacious, Sonika loves new experiences. Always traveling, she has backpacked a lot and even tracked down her ancestral village during one epic journey across India. A resident of Kolkata, she is a successful model and anchor.

Part Rajput, part Anglo-Indian and part Chinese, Sonika is genetically hardwired for new experiences! That is exactly why she came on board for Green Champion. With a passion for fast cars and exotic travels, Sonika didn’t think of herself as a green warrior.She decided to test the waters with a never seen before Reality TV concept.

This is what she has to say about the 15 contenders on the show, “They truly are the real gems of the show and their passion and commitment left me in awe.I can’t speak for others, but I surely have learnt a whole lot of new ways to give back to our planet.”


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