To highlight the overwhelming crisis that Indian farmers are facing today, NDTV & Piramal Foundation held a press conference in Mumbai, where Akshay Kumar, who feels strongly about the issue lent his support to the campaign.

Akshay-Kumar-cultivating-hope-launch-event_165615_215622_9569Akshay Kumar, who has been supporting drought-struck farmers, extended his support to the Cultivating Hope campaign, which aims at highlighting issues related to farmers and finding ways to address the severe problem. While speaking at the launch event, the actor said that it will be tragic if the next generation doesn’t take up farming. The farmer crisis is the most important issue and we need to address it on high priority, he added.

Ajay-Piramal,-Chairman,-Piramal-Groupcultivating-hope_165615_215621_7557While speaking at the launch event of the Cultivating hope campaign, Ajay Piramal, Chairman, Piramal Group said that it is the need of the hour that we focus our energy on how to find solutions for our farmers.

Akshay-Kumar-with-Vinoda,-Swamy-and-Naveen_165615_215622_8789Akshay Kumar with Vinoda, Swamy and Naveen – victims of the agrarian crisis. Cultivating Hope to bring their smiles back.

Akshay-Kumar,-Ravish-Kumar,-Ajay-Piramal-and-Harinder-Sikka_165615_215623_0037Akshay Kumar, Ravish Kumar, Ajay Piramal and Harinder Sikka with the families who have been victims of the agrarian crisis.

Harinder-Sikka,-Group-Director,-Corporate-Affairs,-Piramal-Enterprises_165615_215622_8165Harinder Sikka, Group Director, Corporate Affairs, Piramal Enterprises is very closely connected for the cause. While speaking at the launch event, he said that the government and other corporates should come together for the betterment of farmers.