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Road To Safety Specials

Be Responsible And Drive Safe: Party Like Chris Gayle This Festive Season

Chris Gayle is a champion and he loves to party, or so we have heard on the grapevine. Turns out it’s true! Chris Gayle was recently in Mumbai as part of the NDTV USL Diageo Road to Safety campaign championing a cause that he feels strongly about. With Chris Gayle even advice is delivered with panache much to the delight of the crowd at Mumbai’s Hard Rock Cafe who got to experience the Gayle gregariousness in person.

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Airbags in Cars Should be Mandatory in India

Over a year ago, I went hunting to buy a new car in Mumbai. The dealer showed me different variants. I found that the first two options fitted my budget well. When I dug deeper into how well it was equipped to protect me, I realized there were just no air bags. Not one. Not even for the driver’s safety.

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Use Your Head – Use a Helmet

In Karnataka, the use of helmets by those driving two-wheelers has been compulsory since 2006. Does that mean that everybody wears one? Of course not – this is India where often laws are obeyed only if people think that they will be punished for not doing so.

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