The Real Deal: Testing Contestants' Ability to Perform Under Pressure

The Real Deal: Testing Contestants' Ability to Perform Under Pressure

  • The Real Deal judges stand together to unravel the pains of the upcoming task. This task will expose the most patient, cooperative and creative team.
  • All the three teams are competing fiercely. One wrong step and their tower will come crumbling down.
  • The Real Deal contestants Shelly, Siddhi, Jesse and Subodh work together to create the tallest tower. Will they succeed? To find out, watch the episode.
  • Nilima, Akash, Deep and Gayathri seem to be using all the tricks under their sleeves to erect the tallest tower.
  • Nikhil, Wilma, Vaibhav and Swapnil seems patient enough. Will this set them apart or keep them from finishing the task on time. The Real Deal Kartik is seen here observing them quietly.
  • According to psychologists, the Marshmallow task determines the ability of a team to think about results before they act upon their plan. This team seems to be lagging a tad bit in this area.
  • The tallest tower has a unique design. Aditi uses a scale to establish the winner of this task.
  • Winners share a sigh of relief and a hive five as their tower leaps beyond the reach of any other.
  • This team shares the sentiment of sportsman ship. They cheer the winning team in full swing and do not seem disappointed.

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