In Pics: 5 Big Investors Meet The Real Deal Contestants

In Pics: 5 Big Investors Meet The Real Deal Contestants

  • Actor and social entrepreneur Kunal Kapoor made an appearance on the first episode of The Real Deal, to give some essential guidance to the 12 contestants.
  • Contestant Deep Bajaj leaves the judges asking for more with his exciting and entertaining introductory pitch.
  • The Real Deal jury members seem to be un-riddling a puzzle here. Watch the episode to see if they have it figured out.
  • Seems like Amarinder Singh, Founder & CEO, Clove Dental and one of the jury members of The Real Deal, is having a tough time buying the introductory pitch of the contestant.
  • Gayathri Vasudevan, CEO, LabourNet, is seen here with her team of trusted advisors and leaders in a conference room.
  • Kartik Desai, Principal, Asha Impact has a pleasant smile on his face. Could it be because he is impressed or simply amused, watch the episode to find out.
  • Here's a shot of a sit down meal session at a construction site, arranged by the Janta meals which was set up by Jesse van de Zand with the sole aim of providing the working class in urban India with healthy, nutritious and affordable meals.
  • Wilma from Saahas Zero Waste Foundation can be seen sharing a light moment on hot spot with the judges.
  • A Dabbawala makes a dramatic entrance through the tunnel as Subodh Sangle, Coordinator & Speaker, Mumbai Dabbawalas, follows him.
  • The Real Deal anchor Shikha Uberoi welcomes Subodh Sangle and the wonderful enactment of a Dabbawala's mode of transport.

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