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Short Films On Road Safety Contest

About 413 road accidents took place daily in 2016 which caused over 1000 deaths in India, reports the Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways. With accident severity rate, which is measured as the number of persons killed per 100 accidents, rising from 29.1 in 2015 to 31. 4 in 2016, Indian roads have become the most dangerous in the world. To initiate a behavioral change in the Indian masses and to make India’s roads safer, we asked for road safety ideas from our readers.

This time, the winner for the NDTV-Diageo Road To Safety Contest is M Mugunthan from Chennai’s SRM University.

Watch The Winning Entry

M Mugunthan says: Gadgets were made to better the lives of people, they were born out of careful research,  the irony is gadgets now destroy their “OWNERS or MAKERS”. People have their lives at stake for a minute of pleasure. Carelessness can cause death. So, road safety becomes inevitable.


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