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With Digitization, India is Becoming a Test Bed for Innovation

Written by on Nov 21, 2015 | India Innovates


3nethra forus india innovates

India’s diverse demography that is quick on the uptake of new ideas, has made it a flourishing test bed among emerging markets – if it works here it can be scaled out exponentially, is what entrepreneurs feel.

With more than one-third of the world’s blind people in India, for Bengaluru-based Forus Health, the country was the perfect testing ground to launch its new path-breaking product.

The ophthalmic technology company has named its invention – an affordable and portable eye screening device – ‘3nethra’.

“The number of people who are blind in this country is an astonishing figure of more than 12 million. The most ironic thing about it is that 80 per cent of it is preventable. We are a company focused on the mission of eradicating preventive blindness,” K Chandrasekhar, Founder and CEO, Forus said.

“We wanted to address large healthcare issues through technology. Technology followed by a great innovation and innovation not only through product creation but also the way we deploy it,” he said.

3nethra forus india innovates1

“3nethra takes images of your eye both front of your eye and the back of your eye without dilating which is a very critical because you don’t want people to put the drops and wait for three to four hours,” Mr Chandrasekhar said.

The devices is also very affordable and can be operated by somebody who is very minimally trained, he said.

What also helps the cause is India’s rapidly expanding digital infrastructure, deeper internet penetration and technology adoption.

“Once the images are taken the images can be uploaded on the cloud and a doctor a specialist and ophthalmologist can be sitting anywhere in the city and he can look at the images and say whether the patient needs to come for treatment immediately or he can come later,” he said.

“I am very proud to say that our device is completely made in India,” Mr Chandrasekhar said, adding that since its launch, the product has been introduced in Mexico, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

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