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dominic dube

Dominic Dube, DDIR Architecture Studio

DDIR Architecture Studio was created in 2003 by the combined inspirations of French-Canadian architectural consultant Dominic Dube. Dominic received his training and education from Laval University School Of Architecture, Quebec, Canada, and has been practicing architecture professionally for over 30 years.

He has worked in countries all over including Canada, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Greece, France and USA. For the past 20 years, he has worked in India, and has been involved with projects of all scales, from intimate interior spaces to large town and urban planning schemes.

Dominic’s vision is of integration of architecture and design with art (nature), technology (structure), life (light) and culture (spirit). The goal is to discover the inherent spirit in each project and this is accomplished through a hands-on approach and complete immersion into the design. Dominic’s instinct as a painter is evident in his work. Projects are conceived as paintings on a three dimensional canvas.


Renu Mistry DAawards

Renu Mistry, Partner – Mistry Architects

Renu Mistry has shared an architectural practice ‘Mistry Architects’ with her architect husband Sharukh for over 35 years. A graduate of IIT Kharagpur, Renu has worked extensively on interesting conservation & re-architecture projects, schools & socially relevant works. Designing small spaces excites her, and she takes pride in achieving maximum utilisation in any space. Her re-architecture projects have won her awards and the recognition of her contemporaries.

Renu’s work reflects her ideology. She believes in ecologically conscious design and the use of natural materials, which she incorporates in many of her designs, whether residential or commercial. She is a fellow of the Indian Institution of Architects and member of the Council of Architecture.

Renu is a strong believer in the need for work-life balance and throughout her 40 years as an architect she has also been a wife, mother, daughter, sister & friend. She is an avid traveler and yoga practitioner.

Dean D’Cruz daawards

Dean D’Cruz, Creative Head – Mozaic

Dean D’Cruz – a graduate in architecture is actively involved both in his profession as well as in academics as a Visiting Faculty in the Goa College of Architecture since 1987. He has conducted numerous workshops and seminars on architecture, planning and the environment in over 20 cities across India as well as in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Canada. His works and articles have been published in leading magazines in India and abroad. Supported the Royal Art and Architecture Academy, Stockholm, Oxford Brookes University,UK and Pratt University New York for their architectural and planning programs in Goa.

He is a Partner and Principal Architect in Mozaic Design Combine, a leading design firm based in Goa, involved in urban intervention, architecture, conservation, product and graphic design.

Mozaic strives to provide holistic solutions to its patrons. Our engagement often transcends the boundaries of project briefs and enter the realms of new experiences. We explore prospects of symbiotic growth of our clients with nature and encourage sustainable practices in architecture as well as industrial products.


Kiran Venkatesh, Co-Founder – InFORM Architects

Kiran Venkatesh has designed over 300 projects till date since the founding of the firm in 1997. His key focus is to generate and mentor conceptually strong designs that are innovative and to build unique and performative buildings with Architectural vision that responds to context, constraints and client needs.

Kiran is optimistic on the role of technology in shaping design thinking, development, devolution and execution. He is involved in several initiatives related to use of BIM software platforms, research on mechanization in construction, group housing etc. He believes that we are in a state of crisis in the Design – Construction Industry and it is imperative that we begin to effectively address issues like the reducing design and built quality of our environment, the growing disparity between demand and supply in the design-construction sector, and the lack of a design approach to integrate the multiple specialties that an architect deals with today.

Along with his practice, Kiran is also active in academics and interested in Architecture Education. Kiran and Nita founded In CITE in 2008 – an initiative dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of contemporary Architecture – enabled by events and publications. It is a focused effort to increase responsibility, visibility, voice and impact of the Architecture profession in a larger context.


A. Mridul, Architect

The architectural consultation practice A. Mridul, Architect was set up three decades back in 1985 by its principal A. Mridul, an alumnus of Chandigarh College of Architecture, India.
Exponents of Green Architecture, it was for us a praxis much before it became a movement. We believe that we already have a rich repertoire of traditional construction and design practices that can be innovated upon and applied to contemporary designs to achieve eco-friendly sustainable architectural creations that do not guzzle on energy. We are committed to conservation and judicious use of resources.

Our projects are an extension of our heritage and contemporize traditional practices to make them timeless, thus modern and futuristic. This is best exemplified by, among others, a recently built massive subterranean step-well, built out of site-quarried sandstone for harvesting 17.5 million litres of rain-water in a water strapped region of India’s arid zone. It is a low-carbon footprint, near-negligible energy dependent project in construction, operation and performance. A recently completed Mahatma Gandhi museum in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, which has won 5-Stars GRIHA rating and LEED Platinum. A design of a 20th century elevator congruously fitting into a 15th century fort that has received a citation from UNESCO.

Dulal Mukherjee daawards

Dulal Mukherjee, Architect

Qualified with a first class Bachelor’s degree in Architecture (1964) and a topper in Master’s in Town and Regional Planning (1966), both from the Bengal Engineering College, Calcutta University, architect Dulal Mukherjee has 46 years of experience in the field of Architectural, Interior and Landscape design.

Having received four National awards – “ Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara” for his outstanding contribution to semi-rural architecture as seen in Kala Bhavan Graphic Studio, Visva Bharati University, “JIIA Project award 1990” from the Indian Institute of Architects for the Don Bosco Church at Kalyani, West Bengal , “ Society interiors design awards” for outstanding contribution towards Architecture and Interiors (2004), and I.I.A (Indian Institute of Architects) . Baburao Mhatre Gold Medal, for life time contribution to the field of Architectural Education (2010), Dulal Mukherjee’s contribution to our country’s heritage has been immense ‘

The architect’s winning the National Design Competition for the interior work of the International Terminal of Kolkata Airport in 1968 served as a catalyst in the establishment of his firm, with the focus primarily on interior design projects initially. The gradual growth and expansion of architectural activities commenced from 1972, with the firm foraying into ownership apartments.

Sonal Sancheti daawards

Sonal Sancheti, Principal Designer and Partner – Opolis

Sonal Sancheti studied architecture at CEPT in Ahmedabad and her Masters Program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles (SCI-Arc).

In January 2001, Sonal Sancheti along with Rahul Gore set up Opolis, a multidisciplinary design practice. The firm prides itself in having stayed away from a signature style but believes that most complex and beautiful solutions are often the simplest. It has won several national and international awards in the past years and is published widely. Opolis is currently engaged with the Bihar Museum along with Maki and Associates, Tokyo and the Mumbai Museum Extension along with Steven Holl Architects, New York.

Sonal’s keen interest in Japanese Architecture led her to do intensive undergraduate research on the Traditional Japanese Architecture. She has worked with world famous Architect Fumihiko Maki in Tokyo. Belief in the fact that “you only live once but if you do it right once is enough”, has made her pursue several allied interests in Film Making, Set Designing, Photography, Scuba Diving, Trekking in the Himalayas and studying Comparitive Mythologhy at University of Mumbai. She has recently co-authored a book “Scripting Destiny”.

Martand Khosla da awards

Martand Khosla, Architect and Artist

Martand Khosla graduated from the Architectural Association in 2001 and set up RKDS in the same year. Over the last decade and a half, the studio has designed several iconic buildings including a cultural complex for Jamia University, the Volvo headquarters in India as well as the Indian Embassy in Uzbekistan.

The studios work has been widely published in the International and India press. RKDS has also won several awards and competitions globally including the World Architecture Community Award for several of their projects. Martand’s art practice concerns itself with urbanization in India.

rengy john

Rengy John, Managing Director – Wilson Associates

Rengy is an advocate for the individual designer and the firm as a whole. He manages the largest Wilson Associates office and ensures client expectations are met and that the design integrity stays intact. He’s consistent and untiring, always attuned to the changing perceptions of luxury, and he encourages his staff to stay focused and inspired. Rengy is a multi-lingual leader and diplomat who can communicate with clients all over the world, making the design process friendly and conversational. He is passionate about automotive design, giving him great insight into the aspirational facet of luxury. To Rengy, Wilson Associates designs dreams, not just beautiful interiors.

Sonali Bhagwati

Sonali Bhagwati, Co-founder – Spazzio Design

Sonali Bhagwati is the co-founder of Spazzio Design, an Indian yet internationally recognized Design firm. She is the President of DPA after the merger of Spazzio with DPA. Sonali graduated from CEPT, Ahmadabad in 1986 and received a scholarship from L’Institute Francaise D’Architecture to work in Paris.

She has received numerous awards like 11th IID MK Awards in 2006, Architect of the Year Award in 2008 by Zee Business, Architect of the Year Award in 2012 by India Home Awards, Design Excellence Award in 2015, Leadership Award in 2015 by CE Worldwide.

She has been published as one of the 20 best architects of India in the book ‘Reflections’, one of the prominent Women Architects by ‘Hecar Foundation’ and 20 powerful women by ‘Smile Studios’. Beside this, her work has been published regularly in several books & magazines.

She is currently one of 3 members of Delhi Urban Arts Commission, one of the most prestigious organizations in the Country. She has been a Member of Delhi Conservation Society and conducted heritage walks in Kashmere Gate area. On behalf of DUA, she has chaired the Committee for review and restructuring of building bye-laws for Delhi.

Arjun Malik da awards

Arjun Malik, Architect

Arjun completed his undergraduate studies at the Rachana Sansad Academy of Architecture in Mumbai in 2002. He then worked with his father Kamal Malik, also an architect, for 2 years, after which he went to New York and received his Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from the Columbia University in New York.

Through his work, Arjun Malik has tried to develop an idiom that would reconcile the intellectual and intuitive aspects of architecture, that would provide a tangible link to the past without getting nostalgic, that would be technologically progressive without being experientially stunted, and that would, ultimately, speak through the intangible science of perceptual phenomena.

sanjay prakash da awards

Sanjay Prakash, Architect

B. Arch., A.I.I.A., Sanjay Prakash is an architect with a commitment to energy-conscious architecture, eco-friendly design, people’s participation in planning, music and production design. Over the years, Sanjay Prakash has integrated all his work with the practice of new urbanism and sustainability in his professional and personal life.

He is Principal Consultant of his design firm, SHiFt: Studio for Habitat Futures, and was a partner of DAAT and Studio Plus, firms that predate his current firm. His name and work is mentioned in the twentieth edition of one of the main reference works in architectural history, A History of Architecture by Sir Bannister Fletcher.

Rajeev Kathpalia

Rajeev Kathpalia, Architect and Urban Designer

Rajeev Kathpalia graduated from the Chandigarh College of Architecture and completed a Masters degree in Urban Design from Washington University in St. Louis. He has worked with various Practices in Delhi, Kuwait, St. Louis and eventually founded his own Practice in 1987, which is involved in Architecture, Urban Design and Planning projects throughout India.

This critically acclaimed practice is the recipient of several international and national awards and honours and its work has been published and exhibited extensively. In the recent past it has won several national competitions for campuses in India and most recently the international competition for the Nalanda University in Rajgir, Bihar, a revival of a 1500 year ancient university.

Besides running an acknowledged practice he has been teaching for almost 25 years. He is a member on the Board of Studies of several Urban Design faculties in India and is a visiting Faculty at CEPT University Ahmedabad and The School of Planning and Architectures Urban Design Program, New Delhi. He has lectured extensively in India and abroad.

Stephen o dell

Stephen O’Dell, Architect

Stephen O’Dell is a registered architect in New York and and is a member of the American Institute of Architects. Mr. O’Dell has over 30 years of architectural experience in the planning and design of many diverse building types, including private residences, high rise construction, institutional, interior design and commercial projects.

Tanmay Tathagat daawards

Tanmay Tathagat, Director, Environmental Design Solutions

Tanmay has a background of architecture and engineering. He has over 20 years of working experience in projects dealing with sustainable development planning, energy codes, building energy efficiency, green building design and certification, and energy efficiency policy in Asia, Africa and the United States.

He led the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) development, Eco-Housing program, and EE Homes program for the National Housing Bank, in India.

Tanmay has received the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Fellow accreditation from the US Green Buildings Council. He is working closely with the Indian Green Building Council and GRIHA for development of green building standards in India, and to support green building projects worldwide.

Tanmay leads the Environmental Design Solutions [EDS] team of consultants working on climate change policies, energy efficient building design, building code development, energy efficiency policy development, energy simulation and green building certification process. Since 2003 EDS has worked on over 400 green building and energy efficiency projects worldwide.

Satish Khanna daawards

Satish Khanna, Architect

After receiving his MLA (Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture) from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA in 1969, Satish Khanna was involved in the Master Planning and Landscape Design of numerous mixed – use recreational and residential communities ranging from 100 acres to over 5000 acres in various parts of the US. During this period, he was also involved in the planning of Naval Communities in the Gulf and the Caspian Sea regions.

Satish Khanna returned ‘home’ in 1980 and founded Satish Khanna Associates (SKA). He is also a partner of DKS Consultants, a multi-disciplinary firm known for large-scale development including New Tehri Town in the U.P. Hills, which won the Prime Minister’s National Award for Excellence in Urban Planning and Design and was nominated for the international Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

Fellow of Indian Society of Landscape Architects, he is an advisor to the Delhi Urban Arts Commission. Satish Khanna is also on the Visiting Faculty of the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and CEPT, Ahmedabad. A recipient of awards in national architectural competitions, SKA works have been published in the U.S. and India.

Pradeep Sachdeva daawards

Pradeep Sachdeva, Principal Architect of PSDA Studio

An architect, urban designer and landscape architect, Pradeep Sachdeva is the principal architect of Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates, a design studio based in New Delhi, India. He has an extensive body of work primarily focussing on the hospitality sector, heritage buildings and precincts, public spaces and streets.

He has designed some of India’s most well-known public spaces including the iconic food and crafts bazaar – Dilli Haat, and The Garden of Five Senses, both in Delhi, and the Godavari Riverfront in the town Nanded. He is also involved in the planning of heritage and cultural precincts and has prepared master plans for the development of the Jama Masid Precinct in Old Delhi, the riverfont on Godavari in nanded maharashtra, the Brahmaputra Riverfront at Guwahati, and Assi Ghat at Varanasi.

The Dilli Haat at Aurobindo Marg in Delhi won the PATA Gold Medal in 1995. In 2003 it became one of the first public places in the country to be made completely barrier-free for which it was given the National Award for Promotion of Barrier Free Environment , 2005

He is passionate about promoting the use of bamboo for construction and was part of the team that designed the India Pavillion at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. The pavilion is one of the largest bamboo domes to be built in the world.

Samir Mathur

Prof. Samir Mathur, Principal Landscape Architect

Prof. Samir Mathur, graduated from the Masters program for Landscape Architecture at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA. He has been practicing in Delhi for more than two decades. His landscape design practice ‘Integral Designs International Studio Pvt. Ltd.’ has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from Urban Parks to Sustainable City Designs.

He is also associated with academics, teaching at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and has delivered lectures and papers at various International and National venues. His work in Masterplanning of cities along the Yamuna riverfront was presented as a paper on ‘Greenways in India’ at the Fabos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning at Amherst, USA (2013).

His design philosophy respects local traditions and environmental factors to maximize the inherent potentials of the site and architecture. He is an International member of the American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA) and is intrinsically involved in the activities of the Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA). He is a member of the Heritage Conservation Committee, Government of India and a member of the Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC).

C N Raghvendran

C.N. Raghavendran, Managing Director – M/s. C.R.Narayana Rao

Responsible for the Design, Engineering & Implementation of a wide variety of projects Pan India and abroad including UAE, Mauritius, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Guyana, Malaysia and Zambia. Having successfully delivered projects for the Central Government, PSU and many State Governments, his other works include projects for Indian & Foreign Multinational Corporations, Foreign Governments such as British Consulate, Canadian Consulate, Australian Consulate & Japanese Consulate, Mauritian Government, US Clients viz., Oracle, Amazon, Intel, Capgemini, GE, General Motors, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, Timken, Silicon Graphics, Computer Associates etc., Private Sector Industries, Educational Institutions and Projects in Healthcare, Hospitality and Sports Infrastructure Sectors, Software Industry, Commercial Sector many of which have been recognized as innovative and trendsetting.