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Pollution – A Problem You Face Outside Your Home Only? True or False

Written by on August 17, 2015 | Breathe Clean Interactives

How well do you know the health hazard that is staring you in the face, every single day of your life? If you think that pollution is a problem that strikes you outside the safety of your home, then your first step is to get more aware about the threats that lie within the confines of your four walls.

Take this quiz to know more about indoor pollution.

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  1. Yes! There are many people being affected every day in india due to pollution in environment, Inside home pollution is major part of this too.

  2. Indoor or outdoor no pollution is good for our daily life. Which is worse for you depends where you spend more time. Outdoor air pollution is terrible for the traffic polices in India, but indoor air pollution is unacceptable for many mothers and sisters using indoor fuel burning.

  3. Got 5/5

  4. this is very good initiative to create awernees about qulity of breathing air and domestic or indoor air pollution.
    keep it up
    all the best