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The ‘Breathe Clean’ campaign is a joint initiative by Philips and NDTV to raise awareness about the quality of air we breathe and provide solutions for improving indoor air quality.

Air pollution in India causes alarming rate of deaths every year. According to WHO, air pollution is estimated to cause 1.3 million deaths worldwide every year.

Through this campaign we aim at educating people about the various measures that can be taken in their respective households and workplaces to reduce air pollution and breathe clean air.

We would also bring in a perspective from the experts about the causes of pollution and why it is important to breathe good quality air.

Through the course of the campaign we will do a conclave which will aim at discussing how air pollution can be controlled and the various laws and policies that should be changed in order to reduce air pollution thereby making the air we breathe purer. It will also aim at discussing the various models adopted by different countries to curtail air pollution.

Through our special programming of the campaign we will also look at acquainting the viewers about the various air pollution terminologies and their impact on our health.

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  1. I am buying a new house.how can I make sure this indoor air clean at initial stage itself

  2. पेड़ लगाओ , कचरा निपटाओ ।

    • The two preventive measures I would like to be included in your show or to be publisied on a large scale to avoid air borne infections :
      1. Avoid hand shake as it is the no. 1 reason of spread of infection.
      2. Daily apply little oil on nostrils as it prevents spread of air borne infection in our body.

  3. Slogan for #IWantToBreatheFree movement

    ”…Aazadi Swatch Hawa ki
    Irada Swatch Zindgi ka…”

  4. Clean air more essential than clean water and food…Really the Govt needs to be serious and check and improve air quality urgently…after all polluted air is killing more people than terrorists in india.

  5. Educating people, though necessary, is not enough. Action is needed to deal with this problem, which is too big for the government to tackle. You could take up a pilot project in some area–eg, the village in Telangana that has not heard of LPG, mentioned in your report