Women of Worth
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Women of Worth Award Categories

Women of Worth Award Categories

Women of Worth Award Categories

By NDTV | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

As part of the Women of Worth campaign, NDTV will be presenting the first edition of Women of Worth Awards. These awards aim to recognise efforts being made to bridge not only the gender gap but also regional, sectoral, developmental, linguistic and social imbalances.

Here are the categories for Women of Worth awards:

  • 120-new

    Field: Social Work

    Category Name: Daughters of the Soil

    We dedicate these awards to the women who have made breakthrough interventions in grassroots development. Their models and movements create livelihoods, provide improved education and healthcare, uphold the principles of sustainability and establish equity in terms of gender and opportunity.

  • 120-new

    Field: Education

    Category Name: In a Class of Their Own

    We dedicate these awards to the women who have strengthened our education system with new ideas, engaging techniques and learning networks. Their efforts maximise India’s access to physical classrooms, virtual teachers, high-quality and low-cost education and scalable innovations.

  • 120-new

    Field: Science and Innovation

    Category Name: The Originals

    We dedicate these awards to the women scientists and innovators whose breakthroughs have created a new world order for us, be in space technology, health sciences, mind-mapping or creation of technological processes that make work easier.

  • 120-new

    Field:Business and Entrepreneurship

    Category Name: Game Changers

    We dedicate these awards to the women who have emerged as ‘disrupters,’ and forced us to relook at the way we do business, critically challenging the doyens, and creating a new social, for-profit ‘language.’

  • 120-new

    Field: Environment

    Category Name: Eco Revolutionists

    We dedicate these awards to the women involved in ecological movements, activism and solutions, greening the Earth, saving all life forms, and resolving the Man-Nature conflict.

  • 120-new

    Field: Literature

    Category Name: I Write, Therefore I Am

    We dedicate these awards to the women, not simply top grossers and bestsellers, but who are creating new forms, regional polemics and identity, reviving lost literature, and creating platforms for contemporary expressions.

  • 120-new

    Field: Arts

    Category Name: Arts for Life’s Sake

    We dedicate these awards to the women in the wide, wide world of arts and crafts concentrated on revivalism, upkeep of tradition, new adaptations, and, of course, empowerment through art.

  • 120-new

    Field: Sports

    Category Name: The World is My Playground

    We dedicate these awards to the women achievers, coaches, traditional sporting talents, success stories against odds, and talent hunters who have helped put India on the world stage.

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