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Ajaita Shah

Founder and CEO, Frontier Markets Awarded for Excellence in Environment

About the Awardee: Ajaita Shah

  • It is very challenging to work in the clean energy sector.

    Ajaita Shah

About the Awardee: Ajaita Shah

About the Awardee: Ajaita Shah

Updated: Feb 12, 2016

Ajaita Shah is the Founder of Frontier Markets and has been working in India for 8 years in microfinance and clean energy distribution.

Frontier Markets is a sales and marketing distribution company that makes quality, affordable clean energy products and goods available to rural India.

Over half the world’s population uses deadly cooking and lighting practices that kill over two million people annually, where half of these deaths are children under the age of five.

When the mission is to provide rural households with clean energy, distribution is a huge challenge. The market is huge, but bringing products and services to the people demands innovation. To have an impact on the lives of villagers in remote areas, you have to deliver products to within 1 mile of the end consumer (last-mile distribution).

Frontier Markets offers a unique distribution model as part of its inclusive business commitment, partnering with local entrepreneurs who sell clean-energy products under the brand name Saral Jeevan.

Frontier Markets works with microfinance institutions and locally trained field staff to educate, relate, and reach households providing them access to high social impact and affordable products, and customer service.

Using this model, it has sold over 100,000 clean energy products in Rajasthan. It is present in 16 districts of each state, and is targeting 50 million households in the next in five years.

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