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We invited participation from public to submit stories about people who have gone beyond their own success stories to touch other lives and make a positive impact on the world around them. Our special "100 Pipers Be Remembered For Good" category aims to showcase this extraordinary breed of individuals.

Meet The Winners

About The Category

True Legends is a platform where we celebrate all true legends – no matter what the scale of their impact. A True Legend could have created impact within their community, their neighbourhood, even their office. You could know a True Legend yourself, maybe you are one. In this catgory we wanted the viewer to be involved in the True Legends process, to help us find a true legend that we don’t know about. People across India were invited to share stories, of any age, gender, economic strata, region, or profession, of regular citizens who are also going above and beyond any professional compulsion or call of duty to create a difference, to help others, to create communities, to be human and humane. A legacy doesn’t always have to have a grand scale, you can make a difference in one life, and that will also be a valuable legacy.

The winner, shortlisted from the entries received, will at the grand event to be honoured as a True Legend, alongside our other category winners.