Honorary Category

  • Defence
    This category is a celebration of the men and women in uniform who have selflessly and bravely served India for 75 years, through three wars, in times of peace, when tragedies have struck - protecting our borders, our seas and our skies, our people, the very idea of India. Their countless inspiring acts of goodness are beyond rewards - they are duty for these men and women. And that is why we honour them all.

    There will be no scoring or voting in this category.

About True Legend


What defines a legend? A person who is famous, who is admired, who may have special qualities and abilities. In this, the 75th year of India's Independence, we are honouring true legends who have gone well beyond the material markers of success to create an altogether different kind of impact. These are the True Legend, the champions of good, who have achieved true success and are creating a real legacy. They are the Future of Young India.

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