Testing Contestants' Ability to Hire Best Young Talent

In order to build a successful enterprise, the selection of the right employees is essential. Resource allocation is one of the prime factors deciding the company's future. In this episode, we are going to test one of the critical aspects of scaling your company - hiring. Social entrepreneurs often operate in niche markets, which means they can't always compete with the large salaries offered by high-profile companies. This makes acquiring young talent difficult for social entrepreneurs. Students also face a dilemma: they want to live a socially impactful life, but feel the societal pressure to take high-paying jobs. As part of this week's challenge, our 12 contestants will have to convince 12 students from IIT Bombay, ISDI, and SP Jain that they can have their cake and eat it too. Each contestant will have exactly 60 seconds with every student and do their level best to convince them to work for their respective companies. This task will allow the judges to understand the leaders of the ventures they may invest in. It will help them analyse their abilities as an employer, their nature as a leader and their vision for the future.


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