The Real Deal: Meet the Contestants Who Caught Investor's Eye

The Real Deal: Meet the Contestants Who Caught Investor's Eye

  • CEO and Founder of Janta Meals, Jesse van de Zand is seen here selling a colorful ball to Jayesh, as part of the Elevator Pitch Challenge, where our contestants were given 30 seconds in an elevator with our toughest investor, Jayesh Parekh, to sell him a random object. The contestant's objective was to interest Jayesh Parekh so much that he offered his business card signaling interest.
  • Siddhi Karnani, Co-Founder and Director at Parvata Foods Pvt Ltd, is seen here putting her best foot forward to pitch a tiny duck to Jayesh Parekh.
  • Known to be a passionate serial entrepreneur, Deep Bajaj, Co-Founder of PeeBuddy, managed to ace the Elevator Pitch and got Jayesh's business card.
  • Gayathri Vasudevan, CEO of LabourNet, a social enterprise based in Bangalore with a clear focus on enabling livelihoods and improving real income wages of the informal sector by improving worker skill and productivity, is seen here trying to sell a squishy ball.
  • The Co-Founder of FTCash, a PayPal backed startup in financial technology serving the underserved micro-merchants in India, Vaibhav Lodha contemplating his future in the elevator.
  • 12 social entrepreneurs stand together in one spot, for the first time ever just on The Real Deal.
  • The judges watch the monitor to gauge the performance of each of the 12 contestants.
  • Akash Agarwal, Director & Co-Founder, New Leaf Dynamic Technologies, demonstrates the value of his snazzy glasses by putting them on. Do the glasses have x-ray?
  • Nikhil Dugal, Co-Founder, Aadhan Infrastructure, seems to have a deep and meaningful use for the object he is selling.
  • Another one gets the business card from Jayesh. Subodh Sangle, who's a Coordinator and Speaker for Mumbai Dabbawalas, delivered more than a dabba - a great a sales pitch.

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