Testing Contestants' Ability to Hire Best People

Testing Contestants' Ability to Hire Best People

  • The new line of potential recruits seems to be all smiles as they come face to face with their future employers. Who will make the cookie crumble?
  • The judges lean in to listen to the social entrepreneurs as they mesmerize these fresh graduates with the story of their venture.
  • The entrepreneurs get in line to hear the final judgement on the Speed Hiring challenge. Watch the episode to find out which contender found the best recruit and how.
  • The judges take their position and hold out the score cards. Watch to find out which social entrepreneur got the highest score?
  • Deep Bajaj, Co-founder of PeeBuddy, seems disappointed by the task or the scores. Watch The Real Deal to find out whether Deep convinced the new graduates about his venture.
  • The Real Deal jury member Kartik seems to be giving out pertinent information about the task. Was he impressed with our entrepreneurs?
  • Siddhi from Parvata Foods is an aggressive business woman. Did she find a suitable employee from the stack of genius presented to her?
  • Shelly from Sevamob has a glint in his eyes, did he convince a fresh graduate to accept a job in his company at an average salary?

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