How The Real Deal Contestants Tackled the Social Problems Related to Leprosy

How The Real Deal Contestants Tackled the Social Problems Related to Leprosy

  • Sidhi Karnani, Co-Founder, Parvata Foods, stands before the students of the Leprosy Mission Institute and delivers her solutions to their problems. As part of the Leprosy Mission challenge, our 12 contestants were taken to Nashik, where they were given one hour at the Leprosy Mission Community Center to explore the facility, identify an existing problem, and create a solution that is sustainable, viable and create an impact for the Center. There they presented their ideas to the community members who then cheered for who they thought had the best solution.
  • Seems like The Real Deal contestants are not only cracking their minds for ideas but also cracking up jury members Kartik and Radha with their wit.
  • A young man with Leprosy reads his notes for his mechanics class at the Leprosy Mission Community Center.
  • A class of new trainees learns to make use of the manual machinery on campus, it will prepare them to work as mechanics in car garages and others like it.
  • The Real Deal anchor Shikha Uberoi and the judges stand inside the Institute's cafeteria, that serves food to more than 300 students every day.
  • Shelly, Founder of Sevamob, interacts with the students to learn about their problems and their concerns about the future.
  • CEO of Samagra, Swapnil aka The PoopGuy, has a lot to ask and a lot to give the students of this institute. Watch the episode to see how he fares.
  • Jury member Radha Kapoor watches over Vaibhav from FT-Cash, as he discusses the matters of concern at the institute.
  • Our jury member seems to have found some new friends in the cafeteria.
  • Jesse van de Zand, CEO and Founder, Janta Meals, makes use of a visual Aid to explain the model of Janta Meals to the students. Is he going to hire them or feed them? To find out watch Episode 3, of The Real Deal.

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