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Indian-School-of-Business,-Mohali-Team-from-Educational-CategoryWinner: Indian School of Business, Mohali

I, Ashish Bhardwaj working as Associate Director -Engineering and Sustainability at Indian School Of Business ,Mohali campus .The campus has been designed to be a green campus and is LEEDS Gold certified.

We actively involved in the Mission Energy , to learn more and do more—to change how we think about and consume energy
We succeeded in saving not only 1.2 Lacs of energy units but also created awareness on energy saving among the community .

We took major initiatives during the challenge like standardization of room temperatures in campus to reduce AC requirement, retrofitting some areas of campus from halogen lamps to LEDs and awareness campaigns among the community.


MS-University-of-Baroda's--team-behind-initiatives-from-Educational-CategoryRunners Up: Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara is more than 100 Years old, with many old structures of heritage value.
This original building was an old structure – around 130 Years old. Though the building was old, it was still structurally sound. Our team decided to upgrade, renovate and strength the existing building.
ANAND VOHARA AND ASSOCIATES, one of the first architectural firms to specialise in Green Building Consultancy and LEED Facilitation for IGBC Certification were awarded this work.

The Challenge was to re-do the building with minimum changes and within a budget and also to make it a GREEN BUILDING, adopting the maximum number of features within the Project.
By participating for this challenge we want to spread the message that most of the old buildings have a lot of embodied energy within them and hence all efforts and possibilities must be worked out before destroying them.

Maximum savings in terms of embodied energy, use of Green Power thru installation of 8 KW Solar PV Cells and 3 layer treatment for the roof to reduce Heat island effect thru roof, using low e glazings are our initiatives in the challenge.


Chiranjiv-Bharti-School,-Palam-Vihar-from-Educational-categoryChiranjiv Bharati School

Chiranjiv Bharati School is built on the solid foundation of a culture that fosters innovative thinking, application of technology in traditional systems of education. Environmentally conscious individuals charged with entrepreneurial spirit and a global outlook, together with a commitment to revolutionise learning for a better tomorrow. If we can teach students about sustainability, that’s the highest praise we could possibly hope for. Our main thrust has been to aim at spreading awareness about environment and making a significant improvement in the society to further contribute to the cause of environment Chiranjiv Bharati School Palam Vihar decided to become a part of the MISSION ENERGY CAMPAIGN BY NDTV.

ME has become a way of life at Chiranjiv Bharati in the last two months with motivation towards saving the environment increasing manifold. The programme has now become a part of life for all staff and students at CBS. The biggest benefit from the challenge has been the change in attitude of the students towards conservation of energy. They have not only started conserving energy themselves but they have also started spreading the word in the community on a war footing about 3400 people from the community and 3000 students of the school have become a part of this campaign with the added incentive of a saving of about 3 lakh rupees and significant decrease in fuel emissions. The commuting practices of students and shifting them to car pools, public transport, cycling, walking and shifting to CNG buses and Installing LEDs flood lights. We are observing compulsory power cuts at the time of recess and assembly and carrying out awareness campaigns for students, parents and community.


Sangamitra-School,-Hydrabad-from-Educational-categorySangamitra School, Hydrabad

I do not see my role as an academician alone. In fact, I feel like facilitator who wants to create students who are all rounder in academics and co curricular activities. I am also very particular that all the students who pass through my hands have to be good human beings as well, have a healthy respect for their teachers and all elders, and above all, be able to stand out in a crowd for their outstanding qualities. Anyone can be a book worm, but it take much more to be an all rounder. A quote I have always loved “Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.” E M Foster. Our school was established in the year 1990 with 135 students and 8 teachers, Sanghamitra School over the period of time grew to a strength of 1750 students and a staff strength of 96: enough to address pupils’ needs individually and large enough to have excellent facilities and specialist teaching staff in all areas.

The school offers education starting from Class LKG to Class X. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (Aff.No. 130131) New Delhi.

A major strength of the school is its rich social and cultural mix. Diversity is valued and celebrated – we are firmly rooted in our local community and warmly welcome students from families from a wide range of back grounds.

Energy efficiency means using energy less wastefully and more efficiently, so it is important that we take a close look at energy – where it comes from, how we use it, Energy efficiency is very important for our institution because the children should be make aware of the environment in which they are growing up and “Energy” is an inseparable ingredient of that environment. Every one has ideas, but there are few implementers we are one of them. The efforts of our children and staff are intensified each day in this race against time to save the planet.

The rain water harvester, the bird feeder, plantation drives, use of recycled paper, clear the efficient source of energy, drinking water, saving electricity were necessitated the formation of our Green Club Prakruthi in 2003.

This challenge helped us to learn to use the resources of the earth in a manner that we minimize our consumption, so that we can share equitably with al today and leave behind enough for tomorrow inheritors.

We assure you that this is not an end of challenge, we use it to explore this beyond our classroom, in our neighborhood and in our city.

To be honest this challenge was an excellent self assessment tool for our institution, to build our green future for tomorrow.

The school energy audit team looks at energy consumption in a school through this audit students find out the use of electricity of various purposes. They get to know how to conserve electricity and the importance of the inculcation of simple conservation habits, in making a marked difference.

Gangula Arundathi
Secretary Correspondent
B.S.W., M.Ed, M.Phil, I.R.P.M ( DIP), P.R(DIP)