Aim of the Campaign

Mission Energy aims to highlight the power of an individual because we believe that the power to make a difference lies in our hands. It’s all about ME.

India is reaching a crucial tipping point. As the world’s fourth largest power consumer, how we use or save energy affects the entire planet. In order to meet India’s growing energy demand, it is important to not only increase electricity-generating capacity, preferably through renewable sources, but also use energy efficiently.

Through this campaign, we aim to shine a spotlight on India’s energy challenges and actively engage with the country’s leading experts, policy makers, conservationists, industry voices and NGOs to highlight the growing requirement for energy efficiency and conservation and help chart a roadmap to a sustainable future.

We hope that the Mission Energy Challenge – one of the campaign’s biggest components and India’s first televised eco-challenge – will create awareness about viable solutions for conservation and efficiency that can be adopted, both at an individual level as well as collectively, and inspire millions to join us in our attempts for a cleaner, greener future.

Mission Energy is supported by CII as Knowledge Partner and AEEE as Energy Efficiency Partner.

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