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Cisco Develops Smart City Blueprint

smart city
Cisco campus-as-a-city provides integrated, intelligent office experience to employees in Bangalore.

Here’s the background:

In line with its commitment to collaborate with the government’s vision of a Digital India, Cisco announced the ‘Cisco Smart City’ as a blueprint for the future of smart and connected cities in India. Set in the company’s next generation campus in Bangalore, the Cisco Smart City, uses the Internet of Everything, (IoE) to showcase how connected education, connected healthcare, smart buildings, connected transport and smart parking can transform the way cities and communities are designed, built and renewed to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Spread over two million square feet, and designed as a campus-as-a-city for Cisco employees to work, play and learn, the Cisco Smart City is a spectacular showcase of how a pervasive physical network infrastructure can easily connect to devices (such as sensors, information access points and mobile devices) with a high degree of security. The Cisco Smart City also demonstrates how intelligent networks could enable digitally empowered citizens avail government services in real time, online and via mobile platforms.


The fully networked campus, enveloped by artfully designed buildings and collaborative work spaces is a demonstration of how ‘connecting the unconnected’ creates a more flexible and stimulating work environment, reduces the carbon footprint, lowers costs and provides more sustainable operations.

Cisco along with its ecosystem of partners has implemented the Cisco Smart+Connected solution which includes next-generation network technologies for energy management, collaborative workspaces, indoor navigation applications and sign-based information. The IoE technologies showcased at the Cisco Smart City include the following: smart parking, smart buildings, cisco energy management solution, remote expert solution, connected learning and smart work spaces. (Read More: Cisco campus-as-a-city provides integrated, intelligent office experience to employees in Bangalore)

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