The National Crime Records Bureau of India in its 2012 annual report, reported that 135,445 people committed suicide in India, of which 13,755 were farmers. Taking off from this grim reality, NDTV together with Piramal Foundation launches Cultivating Hope campaign which aims at highlighting farmer related issues and finding ways to address the severe problem. (Read More: Over 3,000 Farmers Committed Suicide in Last 3 Years)

From water related issues to health and education. Through our special programming, we will raise awareness about the adversities faced by farmers in India and find ways to overcome challenges by adapting to solutions. (Read More: Farmers’ Suicide Issue Rocks Karnataka Assembly)

To highlight the overwhelming crisis that Indian farmers are facing today, NDTV & Piramal Foundation is holding a press conference in Mumbai, where Akshay Kumar, who feels strongly about the issue lent his support to the campaign. The event is a platform for farmer families to bring to the forefront the various hurdles they face and look forward to a solution oriented future ahead.