Award Categories

Award Categories

Here are the categories for the Design & Architecture Awards 2016:

1. House award: Climatic Zone: Hot & Dry*
2. House award: Climatic Zone: Warm & Humid*
3. House award: Climatic Zone: Cold*
4. House award: Climatic Zone: Temperate*

5. Interior award: Office
6. Interior award: Retail
7. Interior award: House
8. Interior award: Hospitality
9. Interior Award: Institutional Building
10. Environmental Design
11. Architecture Award: Office
12. Architecture Award: Retail
13. Architecture Award: Hospitality
14. Architecture Award: Institutional
15. Architecture Award: Group Housing
16. Master planning: all projects of site area > 50acre –

17. Landscape Award
18. Heritage Architecture Award
19. Infrastructure Architecture Award
20. Public Spaces Design
21. Submit Student Awards nominations here
22. Emerging Architect of the Year
– Architects can be nominated or may apply themselves for this award
– Age limit : Up to 40 years
– Presentation : Three 2 boards showing the portfolio of works. Each project to be limited to a max of 2 images.
– Curriculum vitae of no more than two A4 pages, which describe the nominee’s educational qualifications, career history, experience and contribution to architecture

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*Climate Zones In India
Climate zones in India