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  1. Praiseworthy effort towarda better India

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  2. sir,can I get your another contact number please

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  4. Kindly revert ASAP.

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      Thank you

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    • I tried to register twice but couldn’t get a unique code I m a new admission in the gurukul plz help me

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    Problem of waste needs (Nip in the bud)
    1.dust management
    2.dry waste waste
    4.each person’s education needed
    5.composting of green waste as per video of Vani Murti on U Tube,should be done at its origin.
    6.dust must not be leave dry ,it should be burried in flower pot ,or in garden or by creating a pit in the house or on the floor .
    7.selling of pouch can not be stopped but it can be burried in side the house or shop by burning it along with other dry waste.
    8.every house owner should clean out side of house along with cleaning in side of house if he finds waste out side it (waste) should not be leaved unattended .
    9.At least one tree should be planted out side of every hour but it should be not of the size of more than 20′. owner should care for it(tree).
    Ravi Verma

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