About The Behtar India Campaign

Behtar India Campaign aims to work towards a better future for India. The core thought of the campaign is to mobilise students, ordinary citizens, corporates to join a nationwide movement that focuses on three main pillars of the campaign – Health, Hygiene and Environment.

NDTV and DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance have launched a campaign, Behtar India, to work towards a better future for India. The core thought of the campaign is to mobilise students, ordinary citizens and corporates to join a nationwide movement that focuses on three main pillars of the campaign – Health, Hygiene, and Environment.

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Behtar Swasthya (Health) stage of the campaign aims to raise funds to protect underprivileged children against Dengue. Contribute now.

The second stage of the campaign focusses on Behtar Swachhta (Hygiene). In keeping the dream of a Swachh Bharat, this leg of the campaign will focus on clean-up drives across India to spread the message of cleanliness and raise awareness about health and hygiene. Participate now. 

The third and last stage of the campaign is Behtar Vatavaran (Environment). Here the participants registered for the campaign are expected to plant saplings for a greener future. Participate now.

Developed as a path-breaking 360° campaign, Behtar India allows citizens, school children and corporates, to supplement each other’s efforts to drive awareness and initiate tangible progressive actions towards building a better India.

To join the movement, register now.

For School and School Students:

It is a competitive initiative – 6 months, 3 tasks, 1 goal. Schools and students registered for the campaign can compete with each other to be on top of a Leader Board based on their participation in the each of the stages of the Behtar India campaign. There will be separate rankings for schools and students with a chance to be on top of the leader board for each region (North, South, East, West) and an overall leader board with All India rankings. By the end of the campaign, the schools and students who emerge winner will recognised and rewarded for their efforts.

For Corporate:

Behtar India campaign is a unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding opportunity that can cover any of the three vital pillars of the campaign – Health, Hygiene and Environment.

For Individuals:

Every effort counts and everyone can make a difference by joining the cause. From raising funds for protection against Dengue for Behtar Swasthya, to cleaning up the surroundings for Behtar Swachhta and planting saplings for Behtar Vatavaran, there is something for everyone to do for a Behtar India.

All three stages of the campaign are now open for participation. To participate in any stage – Register Now.

Already registered users of the campaign can log in here with the unique id and e-mail addresse provided during registration to participate in the different stages of the campaign.

How To Participate In Behtar India Campaign:

Behtar India Campaign - Steps to follow


  1. Good ideas and very nice dream about our country. . Definitely successful behtar India concept

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    • It is very good and very good for the betterment of our country it will be successful

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    • Wow amazing idea for a Swach & Behtar Bharat for all of us & for the future generations. Bravo & wud luv to be part of the campaign 😊

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      • That is a great initiative to involve and incorporate the future generation in such a noble task. Kudos.

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  2. This is really incredible…. Kudos to NDTV and DHFL Pramerica.

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  3. Very useful and innovative idea.we all are responsible to take forward step and make our India a beautiful country with our love emotions and clear mind.
    If we make our mind clean thereafter we keep India clean.

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  4. We are part of a community group, already implementing waste management for over 400 families in the neighbourhood. The initiative is called Better Your Neighbourhood. How can we participate?

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    • You just have to register

      Fill in your details and U will be a part of it

      Thank you
      Jai Hind
      Jai Bharat

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  5. very good idea for developing our contry

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  6. बेहतर इंडिया
    यह हर भारतीय की आकांक्षा है और देश के एक जिम्मेदार नागरिक होने के नाते ये हमारा कर्तव्य है के हम इस समाज , देश और जन साधारण के लिए अगर कुछ कर सकते हैं तो अवश्य करें।

    एन डी टीवी और डी एच ऍफ़ एल प्रेमेरिका* के इस अद्धभुत पहल को देख कर काफी प्रसन्नता हो रही है।
    बेहतर इंडिया जो एक सामाजिक कार्य है जिसमें हमारे बच्चों को एक अनूठा अवसर मिल रहा है वो सहिष्णुता, सद्भाव और कर्मठ होने का गौरव इक प्रतिस्पर्धा में अनुभव करेंगे, तीन मुख्य कार्य जो हमारे बच्चों द्वारा सम्पन होगा और समाज को प्रत्क्षय व परोक्ष दोनों ही स्वरूप में लाभ प्रदान करेगा।

    सबसे अनोखी बात इस प्रतिभा की मुझे ये लगती है कि इसमे जिसने भाग लिया वो जीता, जो नही ले पाया वो भी जीतेंगे और अपने देश को एक इन तीन पहलुओं में कई कदम आगे ले जाएंगे।

    बेहतर स्वास्थ्य
    बेहतर स्वच्छता और
    बेहतर वातावरण*
    आपने देश के लिए बनाए सोचे नही अब करें।

    इस मुहिम में व्यक्तिगत तौर पे मैं भी अपना सम्पूर्ण योग दान दूंगा।
    जयपुर में अपना सहयोग देने के लिये मुझसे संपर्क करें।

    जो भरा नही है भावो से
    बहती जिसमे रस धार नही
    हृदय नही वे पत्थर है
    जिसमे स्वदेश का प्यार नही।

    जय हिन्द
    दिवाकर सरस्वती चन्द्र:

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  7. Best wishes !!! mush needed these supporting hands Cheer !

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  8. Where will you provide with the mosquito kits

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  9. Its indeed a great venture to make India a Better Place To Live in however at 1st Stage parents are apprehensive about the monetary contributions to be made by raising funds.
    Will it be Okay if we raise funds and help the needy from our end directly? Also will upload pics of the same.
    Please suggest!

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  10. Excellent initiative but could have kept competition away from children
    It’s such a lovely cause let children do it by choice and willingness and not to win a trophy

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    • Exactly…joy of giving and sharing would get corrupted and erode by making it competitive…participate at will…and free time at hand…evry citizen owes this👍

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  11. Aese good idea ki ummeed sirf NDTV se kr skte hai
    Thank you NDTV

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  12. Great effort by NDTV-DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance. Wishing the Project all Success

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  13. Looking forward to make it successful in all possible ways.
    Please explore if this can be connected with local body responsible for cleaning like BMC and data card can be prepared

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