About Stage 1 Of Behtar India Campaign: Behtar Swasthya

Stage One of the campaign – Behtar Swasthya, is now open. To know more, register now.

About The Stage One:
Behtar Swasthya (Health) stage of the campaign aims to fight the scourge of mosquito borne diseases.

This stage of the campaign will look at creating awareness about the cause, prevention and mechanisms to fight such diseases.

Students from all over the country are to be the crusaders of this cause. A specifically designed competitive mechanism for schools and school students is to encourage students to collect funds through door-to-door crowd funding for protecting underprivileged kids against mosquitoes.

Simply follow these steps:

1). Learn about Dengue

2). Create awareness on Dengue amongst your neighbours

3). Inform people whom you have made aware that they can help underprivileged children to get a Dengue Protection cover by just paying merely Rs 300*/child (this includes treatment cover worth Rs 20,000 for a year, mosquito repellents to last the dengue season and a dengue prevention workshop)

*Break-Up Of Dengue Protection Kit (In Rs.)
Dengue Treatment Cover** 269.00
NGO Implementation cost 22.50
Mosquito Repellent cost 8.50
Total 300.00

** Cover to be arranged from DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Co Ltd

4). YOUR UNIQUE CODE has to be mentioned by the contributor/donor in the collectors code for tagging the collection to yours

5). Successful contributions will add up to your point tally within 36 hours

So, step up and take the challenge! These kits will include the essential precautionary kit against mosquitoes throughout the Dengue season and also provide a health cover to fight it.

The campaign calls upon all corporates and citizens to join the movement and contribute towards the cause.

To join the movement, register now.

How To Participate In Stage 1 Of Behtar India Campaign – Swasthya:


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